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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ward Talent Show

Last Saturday we had a talent show in our church.
Justin sang with his friend, Eric. They sang a song Justin wrote called "Into the Trees and Out of the Woods." The title has nothing to do with the song. They think that's funny/cool. That's the plan for all the titles to their songs.

The did super good and I'm mad I didn't get a video. (Note to self...or to husband really: check battery on video camera before bothering to bring it to talent shows.)

I sang, "Lollipop" with 3 friends. All of us are married to men named Daniel so on the program we put our group name as "The Wives of Daniel."

We thought we were pretty funny.

Then we surprised our husbands and came out wearing t-shirts that say, "I Heart Daniel." :)

I messed up a few times...but it's all good....enough...

Daniel was the MC for the night. During the "Stupid Human Tricks" section of the show at the end, he even did his magic finger trick.

For me...
I love him.

The end.
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  1. That made me laugh so hard! Just seeing Daniel I could totally imagine it!!!! Ivy you look so good... and I sure wish I could see a vid of Justin. Can't you arrange to video it at home?