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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving with FAMILY!!!!

That's how it should ALWAYS be!!! 

Usually it's just us. So I was super happy when Ethan and Sofie could come. Family and Food, my two favorite things. :)

Looks like Daniel, Garrett, and I are the only ones who got the message that this was a silly picture...

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fall Leaves

Getting air out of the bag...

Such good little helpers.

Anyone seen Owen?

Uh...Ian and Garrett? What did you do with your brother?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Contras at Mojo's

Introducing The Contras

This is Justin's band where he played Bass Guitar. They played at Mojo's, a coffee shop/"art" gallery in Ogden, Utah. Mojo's is filled with weird art on the walls, too loud speakers, ugly red walls, and disgusting "side-of-the-road-for-free" type couches all over the place that the kids don't mind sitting on at all. (ew)
The Contras play all original music written by the band members.
And the band members are:

 Tim, the Lead Singer and Keyboardist. This kid is talented and can play piano really well and guitar too!

And then there's Connor. What a cutie he is. And an AWESOME drummer!

And Tyler. Amazing guitarist and back up (occasional lead) singer!

And who's this weirdo?
Why, that would be Justin the Bass Guitarist.

He is amazing too, of course. He got into painting his face for shows for a while. And the headband? Well that was an every day thing until they told him he couldn't wear it to school. Sad day.

Yes. Owen has it right. It was a little LOUD!

Zed and Juliet came to watch too!

Yes. That up there is Connor wearing a Unicorn mask. Another regular thing. When Justin got his lion mask for Christmas, I think they all had some sort of mask at one point... I could be wrong.
Hi, DJ!

The croud was great. They put on a fun show!

Owen, who begged to go, and has begged to go again since, got a bit tired of it after a few songs and was ready to leave. That's his "when can we go?" face.

The Contras
(I don't know what it means, so don't ask me.)