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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What's so funny/sad?

A year ago, the family reunion...sibling lunch. All nine of us. It was fun. A little too fun.

What's so funny?

The left behind parents, spouses and kids...they don't really get this "sibling lunch" thing we do. And maybe it IS kinda rude not to invite anyone else. Okay, to blatantly exclude everyone else. That's more like it. But when we go, and when I look at our pictures and think back on the hour we all sat around the table, not really talking about anything special or even reminiscing all that much, I'm so glad we did it.

Please ignore all the fillings in my teeth, that I just now pointed out to you and you otherwise may not have noticed.

I'm laughing just looking at the pictures.

And a year later...

Family reunion...sibling lunch.

What's so sad?

This one here, is our third "sibling outing." The first time, we were pretty sure it would never happen again, though we all vowed it would.

Oh, my goodness!

What could have happened?

Maybe we're all thinking how much we'll miss our Ethan as he embarks on his 2 year mission to Croatia. He leaves December 16th!! Our little baby brother...
Stay tuned for...What's so scary?
or What on earth is that smell?
Haven't decided yet, but it won't be for a couple years since Ethan will be gone and all nine of us won't be together again 'til he's back. We WILL miss you, Ethan...but we're all a bit jealous as well. :)

I love my sibs.
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009