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Friday, June 22, 2012

Twin Quilts!

My friend is having TWINS!

So I had to make two quilts...
and that meant they needed to be easy and quick.

And these WERE.

Boy Baby gets Green and Blue.

I made 5 strips of stripes and thought it looked better with only the four. So I used the extra strip of stripes (I like saying that) on the back just to add interest. It was a good move especially since I only used white material on the back which is normally pretty boring. 

Baby Girl gets Pink and Orange.

I love how they look together because they match in style but are still very different.
Very Girlie and Boyish.

These are only a few of the pictures I took. When I make a quilt that I like, I take so many pictures before giving it away. At least now I do. I think there are a few out there that I've given away and forgot to take pictures first. 

Here they are waiting to be wrapped so I can give them to her at her baby shower.

And here's my friend.

She liked them. I'm so glad.
She gave such a nice reaction which makes it so worth the making and giving them.

I'm hoping she doesn't look too closely at the quilting (stippling all over). I don't have a fancy quilting machine. I do it all on my sewing machine. So...the speed and stitching aren't synchronized. And sometimes it's temperamental and skips stitches. In fact, the quilting part of quilting is my least favorite part to do. No one really likes to be around me when I'm doing that part... :) 

She'll probably have to clip strings every time she washes them.


Aw. So bright and colorful. Picking the fabrics is my favorite part.

I'm really hoping to help out a lot with the babies. Can't wait to hold them!
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