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Monday, August 29, 2011

A Happy Quilt for Baby Rylee..

Okay...THIS one was hard for me to give away!!
But since it was for Rylee...(My sister, Cammy's baby girl) was alright. I guess.

We missed meeting Baby Rylee (then unknown gender and name!) by a month when we went to visit them in July of 2010!

Me and Cam...

This is Cammy and sweet!

And here's the sweet baby Rylee now.

Yeah, now that I know that sweet baby's more than alright!

I didn't have enough of that chenille fabric for the back, so I added this strip to it. Looks sort of like I planned it that way all along. :)

I love the bright happy colors. This quilt is very ME.

I hope it's Rylee too.

Owen likes to get his picture taken with the quilts I make.

This one might my favorite. I want it in a queen size!

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  1. I love the quilt. I love bright, happy colors too. :)

  2. Thanks, Julie! You can see I reuse a lot of the fabrics in all my quilts. But when you like 'em, why not use them? I really love the bright colors, but I always have to add a lot of white too so they pop. It's so great to hear from you!

  3. I'll take one in a queen size, please. Thanks, Mom

    (that would be a job!)