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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My attempt at crocheting...

I didn't really have a pattern for this. I just mad a circle and increased so that it laid sort of flat on top. Then when I thought it was about the size of the top of a baby's head, I didn't increase anymore. :) I had to sort of stretch it to shape it right.
Amy taught me this method. It's easy, but I can't say that they always turn out. And they never turn out the same. I have quite a few hats that I haven't felt worthy of giving away.

And I do have to give them away because Emily won't wear hats. And I don't really wear them either. And if they are little like this one, we don't have any baby heads to fit.

The flower I learned to make by watching several Youtube tutorials. They are awesome. Thanks to all those people who for some reason want to help people learn how to crochet. (I keep accidentally spelling crochet with an extra t! Crotch-et....not pretty!)
Not all the hats I make turn out. Some are too big. Like this one. Justin was willing to be my model. It looked a lot bigger on me...but I'm not willing to be the model.
I don't know what happened to this one. I gave it to someone. Not as a gift (not worthy) but as a "You can have it if you want..." It was big and I don't really like yellow on me. And while that flower is cute, I wouldn't ever WEAR it!

Then one day I saw the flower sitting on my friend's porch. I said, "I made that."

She said she'd been wondering whose it was. She'd found it on her lawn. She said to take it. But I left it. I didn't want it either. :)

Thank you, Justin. You may go.

I copied this crochet snake idea from a mom who made it for Garrett's birthday a couple of years ago. I basically used the same idea as the hat only made it way skinnier and longer.

I only stuffed the head so the body would be nice and floppy. When Justin was little he had very specific requirements for his toys. Superheros had to have movable joints. And if it was a snake it HAD to be floppy!

I made it for a little boy's birthday. Owen was invited and I hadn't gotten a present. We would be too busy the next day to buy one, and it was too late to buy one that night, so I stayed up watching Suzie Orman on PBS and crocheted this, feeling very good about how I was saving money. Suzie would be so proud. (About THAT. Not about most of my other financial abilities.)

I made a pretty lame cape to give him too. It went over okay. I mean, the little boy wore the cape home from his party and used the snake as a whip, a tug o'war rope and a scarf. All in all, it was a creative gift that cost me nothing and was sure not to be duplicated by someone else.

My next goal is to figure out how to follow a pattern.

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  1. We should crochet something together, with a pattern, sometime. I have a good book that we could use. Actually, Lillian has the book, but for this purpose I will steal it from her.

  2. Ivy, you're amazing. And so are all my other daughters who seem to make things they don't have time for... and here Gram sits doing nothing! Well, I do some things. Which reminds me, I have a blog entry almost ready... so you can see what I HAVE been doing! I had to purchase more space from Google. Imagine that. Gram with too many pictures!