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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Matching Socks

Matching socks.
We don't really do it very often.

I'm glad the kids like to wear mismatched socks.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

boys playing

I love it when the boys play.
They really get into it.

There's a lot of spitting and explosion sounds coming from their mouths.

And humming.

They make up some pretty good soundtracks. 
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Numbers 1 and 5

You have to admit..

They ARE pretty cute. 

Even when they're ugly.

Can you believe these facial expressions?
If there was an Olympic Event for Facial expressions, my family would take GOLD every time.

Ya think?

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Stupid Couch

A while back...
Justin and his friend, Eric, found this "awesome" couch on the side of the road. They were so excited!
The promptly hawled it a block to Eric's house where it sat for a month or so out in their back yard.
They loved it.
Eric even took good care of it, covering it with a tarp when it was going to rain or the sprinklers were scheduled to go off.

But Eric was leaving for college.

Eric's mom, who didn't love the couch quite as much, gave Eric a deadline.
"Have it gone BEFORE you leave for college."

And so it made a short appearance on the Bishop's lawn across the street.

Yeah...funny. But of course it couldn't stay there. So they got their youth group leader to haul it to the thrift shop for them. Only it never made it to the thrift shop. Justin, who still loved the couch, decided he couldn't part with it.

And that's how it ended up in my back yard.

At first it was under our deck.
That's why it took a couple of days for me to even realize it even ended up here!
NOT funny.
 We didn't take care of it. It's been rained on and sprinkled and who knows what else. And since it's this old thing, the foam inside is ancient and the wetting/drying it's been going through has turned that foam rock hard.  

But the kids loved it.
One day the little boys and their 2 neighbor friends sat under the deck talking for over an hour on that thing.

Wish I had pictures of that. 
Here are the Big Boys. Justin and his two friends. They could sit on it and talk forever too. 


It is now resting peacefully at the town dump. (finally!)

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Easter Sunday

My cute kids. (...or some of them...)
Where's Justin? (He probably left early for a church  meeting.
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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Baby Girl Quilt

My friend,Jana, had a baby girl.
 Hailey Belle.
Isn't that a cute name?

I made her this quilt which uses a lot of the same fabrics as the Shabby Chic ones I've made before.

But the pink and white are that ultra soft chenille.

I couldn't really quilt the dang thing because it was sort of poofy and wouldn't lay flat after I sewed it together. The chenille is too stretchy, but hopefully it will hold up okay...

I had to piece the back together because I didn't actually have a chenille piece large enough. I was using some pottery barn outlet blankets I got for a dollar each(so cheap for this sort of fabric!). The pottery barn blankets had been embroidered so some cutting and piecing was necessary.
Even getting it big enough this way was a stretch. (pun intended)

She liked it.
 Well...Jana (mom) did.
 Hailey is a little young to say either way. :)

And here she is! So adorable!!! (Thanks for letting me post pictures of her Jana!)

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Family!

Did I never post this? These were taken last July? The post was already written, just waiting to be published.

Family Pictures taken by my sister Leah Silva.
She did a great job, especially considering we thought about going to the park to take them about an hour before we actually went and took them.  
 Garrett=9, Owen=6, Emily=12
Ian=14, Dad=old, Mom=not as old as Dad, Justin=17


And now for the idea that has been brewing in my mind since last Christmas.

We actually all had these Converse...except for Garrett.
We went out that morning and found his blue ones at Ross for $20. 

I love my cute family!

And I like this guy a LOT!
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