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Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Year Can Really Bring on Some Changes

2417 N 10 W, Layton, UT

(Note: this post was written back in June and here it September and I'm finally finishing and posting it.)

It's been a whole year since I last posted. Not that anyone ever reads this but I sort of like it for my own personal record.

A year ago, I had no idea we'd be moving to Oklahoma this summer. I didn't know Justin would be going to Cali, Colombia on a mission. I didn't know Daniel would be living in Kansas for three months without us before we move.

But that's all happening.

In two weeks we say goodbye to our house in Layton and move on to Edmond, Oklahoma.
Lots of mixed feelings. Happy and excited for a new adventure. Sad to leave this amazing ward and neighborhood, and all our old ward friends whom I already miss terribly. Nervous and anxious. Tired of waiting and being away from Daniel. Worried about everything working out all right.

I want to always remember my cute Layton house, so here are some pictures of it.

Front yard:

I can't believe it took me almost five years to get tulips planted, enough to actually look pretty in the spring! And now I have to leave them. 

Our tree was FULL of cherries right before we moved. And they were still too sour to pick. So I hope the new owners got to eat some this year.

Our livingroom. This is the view after you walk through the front door.

The kitchen:

This is looking from the kitchen. The door you see is to the master bedroom.

Master bedroom:

Master bathroom:

The laundry room:

Garrett's and Owen's room:

Emily's room:

Upstairs hall bathroom: 

Theater room: 

Ian's room:

But in all fairness, this is what it usually looked like! 

 (OK, if I really am being fair, most the of the house was usually messy, just not quite this bad! haha)

Downstairs Family room:

Little Computer nook at the bottom of the stairs:
Downstairs Bathroom:

Missing a picture of Justin's room. It was the biggest bedroom downstairs, but not really decorated. Still wish I had one with all his guitars! 

We will always have such AWESOME memories of this house! 
We have loved living in Layton, Utah!

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