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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pink, Black and White Baby Girl Quilt

Looking back through my pictures for quilts I made way back when....
I found this one back in the summer of 2009.

I made this for a baby girl of a beautiful New Mommy from our old ward back in WJ, UT! 
The soon to be Grandma (Kellie) is a great friend of mine. She now has a bunch more grandkids. 

I like to stalk her FB photos and dream that my family will be like hers. All those happy families with spouses and kids. It looks like a very bright future! 

And making this quilt for Becky's first baby back in 2009...

made me feel OLD! haha

I mean, this girl was supposed to be still just one of the Young Women in the ward! 
(Don't worry. She wasn't. She was all grown up. I just wasn't ready for her to be!)

I love the look of quilts with patterns that are set on the bias. (Diagonal)
They are sort of a pain in the rear! But worth it! 

Pink is Becky's middle name, I think ;) haha I went with a pretty simple (obvious) color pallet for her baby girl. 

It's easy when it's the same color as her wedding colors. You can be sure she'll like it. 

And I'd always wanted to use ric-rac (that zig zaggy ribbon) in a quilt.
 It turned out super cute! 

Brielle was born in September (my month!) and she'll be 5 this year!
And Becky has 2 more adorable kiddos!

 Wow! Now I really feel OLD!

And of course Owen had to be in the pictures too! Look how little he is!

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