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Friday, December 27, 2013


When Amy came to visit with her girls, she and I took the "little kids" (I know. They aren't little anymore. Don't remind me!) SLEDDING! And It was the Perfect day, even if the snow was little hard. ...ouch...

 Adri having FUN! Look! I have proof!!!!

 Such a cute little wolf!

Snow Angels 

Big Fat Butt (That would be my Indian name if I had one) and her cute little boy, trekking up the hill....AGAIN! 

Garrett could really get that sled going! 

There was this Grandma lady there. She went down a few times. Had to get her picture... 
Hopefully she doesn't see her picture on this random person's blog...

 And hopefully she's not in Witness Protection or anything. I just blew her cover...

 An awesome "fly off the sled" crash by Garrett.

Marks of a good sled ride!
  My adorable sister Amy and her little wolf. 

And this cutie pie!

 We had to practically beg this man to take our picture. He was sitting in his car, didn't get out. So the Sun was behind us. And you can't even see snow. 

Oh well. 

We're still very cute!

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