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Friday, September 19, 2014

Packing for the BIG MOVE

Just looking at this picture brings back all the memories (aka trauma) of having to pack. 
I don't even want to blog about it!

While Daniel lived and worked in Witchita, this is what I was up to at home. 
What a mess!
I would pack the boxes during the day, 
and Justin and Ian would move them out to the garage when they got home from school. 

The Big Truck arrived on Friday evening.

And Ian and Justin were on a camp out. Daniel was still in Wichita. 
So Saturday morning a bunch of Angels showed up to help me load!

And then this happened:

And so much more!!

After all the big Angels left, these little ones just kept going, 
wrapping furniture in plastic wrap for me, and carrying more stuff out!

Daniel got to do all this stuff when he got to Utah to help! Lucky guy! Really though! As much work as he had to do, he was sooooo grateful to all those friends and family members (aka: the Angels) who did soooo much to help!

Princess Emily kicking back and making sure the blankets and bean bags still work. haha She actually fell asleep out here for a bit! (She also helped a lot too.)

Packing up the truck, we had a couple of Tetris Champions (Todd and then later Scott) to do that, thankfully so. 
Justin's and Ian's friends all showed up Monday morning to help us finish. They all had a lot of fun. It made me sad to leave all those great boys!

Cute Tressa and Justin. 


Bye, house! We will miss you! And all the friends we have made in Layton. We cherish you!

These are the only two left with any energy. 

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