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Friday, September 12, 2014

Yellow and Grey Baby Quilt

I made this totally easy quilt for my amazing, wonderful, dear friend, Camille and her little baby boy Porter. 

Camille is someone I always wish I could hang out with and be her best friend
. She's funny and super smart. 

Porter is Camille's third baby. She produces Clones really. Not babies. 
Well, except number 2 baby is a girl, which makes her technically not a clone, 
but she looked like one anyway.

And I guess if I have to really be technical, I suppose none of them are technically clones. 
But when it comes to looks, they might as well be! 

Super, ultra blond/bald.
with Beautiful Blue eyes, Chubby Cheeks and pink lips. 
I want one.

I'm in love with the bird fabric. I used its blue version on the Chevron quilt
Oh, and I used the grey zebra print too. 

I made them near the same time so took a picture of the two together...

Such an easy quilt to make, but still super cute. 
(That's a plaid shirt type flannel on the back. Oh and I guess it's on the front too! Silly me. )

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