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Friday, September 12, 2014

Halloween 2013- only a year late.

Is it bad to blog about Halloween a month before Halloween. And by that I mean blogging about LAST Halloween! haha

Yeah, I'm not one of those people who can blog about my kids costumes (or even Instagram) that night. 

So a year later...

On the day before Halloween we got to go to the church for a Trunk or Treat. So we got to dress up two times so Owen got to be both The Lone Ranger and Tonto! 

Here he is on Halloween night as Tonto.

 Pretty good facepaint, if I do say so myself!

Garrett was Harry Potter, of course. (His current interest.)
 sorry for the blurry picture...
He was stoked when I brought home this graduation gown from the the DI. 
Perfect Harry Potter robe. 

We got done pretty early so they took over answering the door and handing out the candy. Yay! That's my job usually and even though it's way easier than walking the cold, dark neighborhood, it's still getting up and down and well... THEY did a great job! 

Emily and her cheer team did a Thriller dance at school so she was a Zombie Football player.

 For the Trunk or Treat the night before, Owen was the Lone Ranger. 
Every year I have to re-explain to my kids why I don't allow masks. 

(They're a pain, They make it hard to see so they are dangerous, People don't know who you are... There are lots of reasons.)

But I don't think my kids suffer. I face paint them instead and it usually turns out pretty good. And they don't have to fiddle with a stupid, uncomfortable mask all night. (Because face paint is soooo comfortable! Ha!)

Apparently I can't paint faces without my mouth hanging open. 

Here I have the Lone Ranger "doll" for inspiration. 

 We took our friend Landon. He's the one WITH the mask. 

I sort of used to hate Halloween because we are always scrambling around last minute trying to get costumes together. (Exactly like I did as a kid, and my mom sort of didn't like that part either. Mostly all the stressing everyone goes through trying to decide what to be and to look awesome.) 

But I'm always so happy with the results that it has become a pretty fun holiday after all. 

CUTE KIDS! Don't grow up! 

Now ...we need to figure out what everyone is going to be THIS year. 
(It's the yucky part all over again. And yes, we are already having the Mask discussion, AGAIN!)

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  1. I don't care if you're blogging a year late. I love to see the pictures and read what you write! So glad you're doing it again. You have a lot to catch up on! :)