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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Quilt for Mom

For a while, my mom had this shower curtain up that she'd made out of a fabric with different scenes of children playing. There were snow scenes and beach scenes, probably some of each season.
The colors were predominately blue and purple. 
It was VERY much HER! 

When she took the shower curtain down I took it and used the fabric to make her this quilt. 

It's huge. It fits her queen sized bed. 
I think I made it about 6 or 7 years ago.
(It was the same Christmas I made Uncle Steve's. I'll blog about that one soon.)

One thing I really remember about this quilt is that my sewing machine was giving me FITS!!!
I quilted it on my regular machine (as I do all my quilts) and 
for some reason the tension was wrong or something. 
I switched to my other machine and finally got the dang thing quilted.

Many curse words were thought, though not voiced, while quilting this.
(Non curse words and angry sounds may have been said shouted screamed however.)
The other fabrics were from my stash. I don't think I bought ANY for this quilt. I can see the butterflies from Ally's baby's quilt. Pikes!
There's the tan and white stripe that I've used in SOOO many quilts that used to be my curtains in the our first house (the blue house in Ramona). 
The other fabrics I've used over and over. 
She used this on her bed for a while I think. I'm sad to say that whenever I looked at it, I wished I'd made her a better quilt. This one had some problems. But she loved it. She LOVES all my quilts. Because she's my mom and that her JOB!

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