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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Chevron Striped Quilt - A Quilt for Baby Harris

Remy Larston Harris, son of Cadence and Mikey was born March 25th, only few days late. (ahem...try over two weeks!)

But when I made a quilt for him, I didn't know he was a boy!
So I looked for fabrics that would go for either a boy or a girl and also used Cadence's and Mikey's wedding colors as an inspiration. (Orange, Teal or Aqua Blue and Brown.) I went with Grey instead of Brown.

I can't find the picture I took of the quilt that I saw a girl had over her baby's car seat at Firehouse Subs in Provo. But it was so cute, a Cheveron Stripe with these colors, I decided to try to copy it. 

I spent forever trying to figure out how to sew it up and came up with all sorts of difficult methods that would have worked.

And then EUREKA!!!! I figured out a strip quilt method that would be soooo much easier. And so I'll share it here. 

 I cut the strips of fabric into 4 1/2" wide (for colored) and 2 1/2" wide (white) strips. (Cut as many white strips as you have total of the colored strips.) I don't remember how many I did of each color. sorry... Fabric calculation is not my strong point. I just cut and sew and the quilt ends up as big or little as it ends up. (This one was more of a throw size than a crib size. So scale everything down if you want it smaller.)

I sewed each white strip to a colored strip. 

And then cut them into squares. 4.5"+2.5=7"-1/2"=6 1/2" squares.  (1/4 of each piece of fabric for the seam allowance)

Perhaps even easier is to measure the width of the two strips that are sewn together and cut the squares at that measurement.

 Iron at this point.
 You should have several stack of colored and white.

Now lay out the squares in an alternating pattern to create the zig zag or chevron stripe. 

 I don't have pictures of the sewing process, but if you look closely this makes rows that run diagonally. I kept the quilt laid out on the floor and picked up one row at a time (stacking in the right order and remembering where the seam allowance went). It was sort of a pain, I have to admit. 

Afterward, I just trimmed off all those pointy edges. Trimming is a lot easier than cutting a bunch of triangles to fill in the missing spots. 

Binding was a blue I don't think I even used in the quilt. You could also just use all the colors and make a binding that changes colors all the way around. 

And after talking to several unsuspecting ladies at the fabric store, asking everyone's opinion and getting quite a few different ones: I threw them all to the wind and chose to use this Bright Orange for the back. 

(If Cadence or Mikey, or even Remy, ever go hunting they can wrap up in the quilt, back side out!)

My sister, Cadence with her cute belly. (Remy's in there!)

 And now he's not! 

Precious baby!

I finally got to meet him this last July when he was almost 4 months old!
I have officially claimed him as my own, though with a broken heart I've allowed Cady and Mikey to keep him and take care of him. For now. 

I love this baby!


  1. He's my grandbaby and I love him and miss him! I like that you included instructions, Ivy. It turned out so neat!

  2. Ivy, it's so cute! And so is Remy! And his parents! I love them. And it was fun to read about how you did it. (So glad you are blogging again. Yay!)

  3. What a great quilt!! I'll definitely be doing one like this!

  4. beautiful quilt for a beautiful baby!!! I adore you color choice