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Friday, June 9, 2017

Scrappy Quilt for LuLu

This is Leah. Or Lu or Lulu. She's my littlest sister -10 years younger than me!
I drew her name for Christmas of 2016 and it was her turn for a quilt just for her. Key words: Just for her. She probably has the most quilts from me out of anyone since she keeps having babies (and those babies being born after my quilt learning.) In fact, she's got another one on the way, so she'll be getting yet another quilt soon. Again. :)

I think most of my siblings have been known to refer to Leah as the "best one."
She is the happy, easy-going, loving, patient sister -we all adore her!
Leah and Matt 
You'll rarely see Lu without a kid hugging her neck!
4 boys and another boy on the way.
Without any real idea for what kind of quilt I wanted to make for her, I just dove into my very colorful stash of scraps!
I poured through these for a while. 
Without really deciding on the quilt design...

I just started sewing, without really measuring too much, making large... strips of stripes? 
I have sort of stopped making quilts with any pattern. I am lazy in my old age. (42 is old when your baby sister is having her 5th kid!) I like 'em scrappy, and colorful and for the color to really stand out I use a lot of white. So ...This quilt is a very typical IVY quilt. 
1. Colorful
2. Simple to put together
3. Easy

The quilting is done on my normal machine, just close-together straight-ISH lines. 
I didn't bother trying super hard (or at all) to make them straight.

The strips (or stripes) aren't even necessarily the same width.

This quilt is a throw size. 

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  1. I love it! And it's a great post, too. We love Lu!