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Monday, June 12, 2017

Quilts for the Scout Fundraiser

Every year, the scouts need to figure out how to pay for all their scout camps. More often than not, they create some kind of fundraiser where the parents end up paying for scouts anyway.
Granted, we DO get yard work, spaghetti or something else for our troubles!

This particular time, we had a silent auction. 
We were to donate items (that we made or paid for), then buy those items back. 

I decided a baby quilt was easy enough. I had all the fabric, batting, thread I needed. So I quickly whipped out 2 simple random square baby quilts. 

This one was super easy because I already had the squares sewn together. Just needed batting and a back. These fabrics I used for a quilt for Ian when he was little. Then had larger squares all sewn together to make a twin size that I never finished. In fact I'd already chopped it once to make a quilt a few years ago for a friend's grandbaby.

 That red fabric is a washable satin, so it's shiny. :)

The back is a sheet I found somewhere and already had. It matched fairly well, so ...

I just rolled the back around to the front to make the edge.

Those are cute little pirate ships. This fabric was the inspiration for the whole color scheme.
 It went for 20 bucks.

This second quilt, is obviously more of an IVY quilt. I had lots of bright fabrics in my stash. 

Can't believe it but I happen to have a big enough piece of the polka dots for the back. Guess I bought a lot when I made this fox quilt.
I stippled the whole quilt. (Free motion quilting)
It went together really fast. 
You can tell how much I liked this one by how many pictures I took of it.
These aren't all of them.

 Hi, Ian! Wanna see what I bought at the auction?

This cute quilt.
hee hee
 It was only going for 20 bucks. 
I knew I'd be paying for scout camp one way or another, so I bid $40. 
And now I can say that my quilts earned those boys $60! 

This is where it resides in my house. :)