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Saturday, June 10, 2017

A Quilt for Hugh

We didn't know Hugh was a boy until he was born.
 And I wanted to get started on a quilt for him (or her...)

So I actually went out and bought some cute retro fabrics for this quilt. 
And then when I sewed them together, I wasn't super happy with the colors I'd chosen. 

So I tried this blue border, but it still just felt muddy.
And so I broke out the White. Duh. 
I know myself. I know my quilts. I have to have that white to make it pop the colors.
It's still sort of pastel, but Sofie and Ethan assured me they like the colors.
The vintage fabrics are super cute! Look closely and you'll see ducks, and farm animals, birds and bees. 
          Still, it needed the blue square in the white lattice to add a dark outline to draw you eyes, and also to help the blue stand out more.

Though this quilt sort of gave me fits in the beginning, I love how it turned out.
And I got to use a cute blue polka dot flannel I'd had sitting around forever for the back.

And Hugh ended up liking it.
I've mentioned this before, but Hugh is the cutest baby on the planet. 
Just in case you didn't know.

Sofie and Hugh
Very talented sleepers.
Side Note: Our family has had a lot of fun making Pun jokes with Hugh's name. Here are the onesies made by the Jensen family (my sister Erin's family) for Christmas.
We are all so Punny. ;)

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  1. Hugh are so good at making quilts, Ivy! I like the story of this one and seeing it along the journey. You totally figure out how to make it look great!