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Friday, March 4, 2016

Four Quilts by the Young Women

My daughter's Young Women church group had 3 pregnant leaders last year. 
One was pregnant with twins. 
So I was excited to help them learn to quilt. Groups of 2 or 3 girls each made a quilt for one of the leaders. 

Baby boy quilt by Emily and Sydney. The patterned fabric is a bunch of cars.
Anna, Morgan and Lindsay made this cowboy/country themed Rail Fence quilt for the little boy twin.
McKinna, Olivia and Emilie made this rail fence design for the girl twin.
Megan and Emma made this cute blue/green quilt for a baby boy (who happened to be Emma's nephew).

The girls did everything from picking out the fabric, to piecing and quilting. Because time was getting away from us and those babies refused to wait until we finished, I ended up doing most of the binding and some quilting on a few. But I think everyone learned a lot and had fun. 

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