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Friday, June 9, 2017

Neutral Colors for Sofie

Sofie is the Beauty who married my baby brother Ethan. 
She is a birth coach, a doula, studying midwifery.
You can find her here:
and here:

She's an exotic beauty with Colombian blood and that gorgeous olive skin tone that tans like I've never tanned and always wished I could.
She has great style, loves natural colors, and lovely textures. 
And so much more.

Sofie, Ethan and the cutest baby on the planet, Hugh.

 When they were preparing to get married, I wanted to make a quilt to say congrats. I found many different fabrics of neutral colors and mixed textures. Also wanted to give it a feminine touch with a rustic ruffle.
(Yeah...that white thread is bugging me too.)

 She graciously received it at her Bridal shower.
 As I write this, today is her Birthday! Happy Birthday, Sofie!
(June 10)


  1. I also love this one. Of course.

  2. Ivy, you are so great. I am so glad to have you as my sister. I also happen to LOVE my quilt.

  3. Happy Birthday, Sofie! Best daughter-in-law EVER!