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Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Pillow for Everything

After making the quilt for Larry, I had this other project in mind for Colter.
They have a beautiful cat named Everything. (Evy for short.)
They really love this cat. 
And I wanted to do a Punch Needle project for Colter, 
thinking he'd probably like the different embroidery technique. 
Punch Needle is sort of like miniature rug hooking. 
When asking my sister, Ally, for ideas of gifts for Colter and Larry, she reminded me that they just LOVE Everything (their cat).
So this little picture popped into my head of their cat sitting on the back of an armchair looking out a window. It's just how imagine him to be. 

And of course there's a quilt on the back of the armchair.
(and it happens to look like the quilt I made for them. haha. I know. I'm clever that way.)
I made it into a pillow. I used a pieced square that I had already made a long time ago. (I have a bunch of them, but not quite enough for a quilt...)

It's a hand cramper, that's for sure. 

And this is the picture Colter sent to me. 


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  1. this post is like a big cat scratching post…which is to say, great! love, c