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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Herringbone Quilt for Heidi

This quilt was a little more difficult than I anticipated. My brain thought...
I can just make a bunch of strips (long vertical columns) of these diagonal stripes. 

(You stagger the long strips of material and sew them together and then cut them into long rows.)
But I just thought you could do this the one way and just flip the strip upside down and it would automatically be going the other direction. Uh...No. The are all still going the same directions. DUH! I had to do a whole other set of strips staggered the other direction. So...I ended up with way more pieced strips than I needed. 
You'll see the twin quilt I made for this baby's cousin in another post.
 Sewing the strips together was ALSO harder than I expected. They stretched like crazy (because everything is cut on the bias which really makes the cotton fabric stretchy.) I ended up with really bumpy, distorted pieces. So I picked the first row apart and ended up pinning the vertical rows (columns?) all the way down and being really careful not to stretch them.

It was still a bit of a bumpy mess,
but after ironing and then quilting the whole project and washing it...
It turned out really cute.
I love the wrinkled look which reminds me of antique quilts and hand quilting.
This was a gift for my friend, Breanne, and her baby girl, Heidi.

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