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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Bold Colors Log Cabin for Larry (and Colter)

This is Colter and Larry.
Colter is an Artist. Larry is a director for the Berkeley Art Museum
So you can imagine that I was feeling a bit intimidated at the prospect of making a quilt worthy of two ULTRA artistic individuals. 
Then I was reminded that they appreciate individuals and effort and pretty much all forms of art and all different levels ...
And, well..they'd love whatever I made for them! 
So I chose the classic, traditional LOG CABIN design. 
It carries so much history and legend. It really has some meaning, ya know? I knew they'd appreciate that aspect. Though a classic design, it has a modern twist with the bold, bright colors. 
I made this quilt for Larry since I already did a quilt for Colter back in 2008. My goal is to make at least one for each family member. (not sure about all the nieces and nephews, though I am doing good with the younger ones by making them baby quilts when they are born.)

I quilted each line, which looked really nice and wrinkly -the way I like it- after I washed it.

I had a hard time sending it away because it just looked so good in my house!

 The back was some weird flannel-ish fabric I found at a thrift shop a while ago.
I hope it holds up...
About to be sent to Berkeley, CA. 
Wave goodbye! sniff...


  1. I love it! And I'm sure they loved it, too. It's nice to have artist family members who appreciate all kinds of art. :)