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Friday, February 19, 2016

Ollie's baby quilt!

One of my favorite things:
Seeing a baby quilt I made for someone being used!

 This one I made for my nephew Ollie (Ally's boy). He's now...7 years old?
Here he is with his sister, Pike. (Oh and look! They are wearing the aprons I made them for Christmas!)

We went to the beach while we were visiting California last summer (2015)-the whole family (except Jensens who visited the week after we left.  boo..) 

Emily and baby cousin, Hugh!
 Me and my little brother, Colter.
 My mom, Gram, in her normal position.

 My favorite people in the world (minus Justin).
 Aunt Amy with Em and O-bot (or Chicken Nugget as she calls him)
 And with Garrett.
 Me and pretty niece, Adri!

It was fun to see this ol' quilt show up!
It looks so at home in the sand!

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