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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


This is Rufus.
He was my adopted Grandson for a weekend.

Rufus was Justin's Child Development project.
Rufas would cry and Justin had to figure out what was wrong. He'd either have to change him, feed him or burp him. A sensor in the bottle/mouth, diaper/tummy and back would register if he was doing it right. As well as one in the neck that registered if the head was being supported properly and if any shaking occurred. Another sensor on a bracelet Justin wore made it so HE was the only one who could take care of it.

He was quite a hit with the whole family. 

Justin got pretty worried a time or two when the crying went on despite his doing all three things to get him to quit. He was sure the computer chip inside was recording neglect or something. But I'm sure it's supposed to do that. He was just "fussy," I told him. But Justin was a bit of a basket case the whole weekend.

He'd even freak when he couldn't hear anything. "I think he's dead!"
 I heard that more than once.

Owen and Garrett thought Rufas was great fun.  

We had to take turns.

Even Justin seemed a little enamored. I was getting a little worried that, instead of teaching him that babies are difficult and one should wait until they are a married adult to have one, he'd think it was great fun.

But after a couple of nights of waking up every couple of hours and a few fussy episodes, I think Justin got the general idea that babies are a lot of work ...and stress.
 You should have seen the bloodshot eyes on Sunday morning. Hee hee.

Even though there's a lot more to caring for a baby than what this project entailed, I was surprised at how realistic the experience was overall.

Daniel and I got the biggest laugh when, coming home from a church meeting, we were passed by Justin on the way to his church meeting. Yeah... we go to a lot of meetings around here.  Anyway, we pull up to the stop sign to see Justin pass and wave, sitting in the back of his friend's car with that car seat next to him.
Ha! It was so funny. We had to laugh.

Daniel couldn't get over how seriously Justin took the project.

He had to give him a hard time when he'd find Rufus like this:

All tucked in with the blanket folded so nicely.
Justin made a pretty good parent for the weekend, I have to say.
Sort of miss the little nipper.
But I can WAIT.
and wait and wait....
and wait. :)

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