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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dying Easter Eggs

Okay, so I'm not one of those bloggers who dyes Easter eggs and blogs about it 5 minutes later.
It takes me forever to get pictures off my camera.

Thus, here are some pictures of a totally OVER holiday.
Is that even okay in the blogger world?

At this point, I am happy to say that we even DID dye eggs.
We don't do it every year.

But I don't know why not.
It's so easy. Food coloring, vinegar, water. And eggs, of course.
 And my kids love hard boiled eggs.
Especially deviled.
(Don't ask for pictures of those! I can't seem to peel an egg nicely to save my life. Although, I doubt a nicely peeled egg would ever save anyone's life. Unless you were some cook with a mean boss.
"Peel that egg nicely or I will KILL you!" ...not likely.)

Oh and a white crayon to draw some designs. 

I thought this taupe and blue one turned out pretty.
It probably wasn't the color she was going for, but it turned out pretty and so en vogue. :)



That's a nice yellow.

and Mike Wazowski...


It was fun. 
The end. 
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