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Monday, April 30, 2012

Baby Boy Quilt-Stars and Squares?

Here's a quilt I put together in only a couple of hours
for a baby boy to be born sometime in June... maybe longer with all my indecision and rearranging factored in.

I bought the stars and the "squares" fabrics together a long time ago.
 I didn't really have much of either one of them so I never knew what to do with them.

They were just fat quarters-or should I say "overweight" quarters?
What would be the PC thing to call them?

Anyway, I finally figured out I should just add some neutral-ish fabrics to go with them.
Make them stretch...
That gingham and tan with tiny blue stars have been in several other quilts I've made.

Even the back fabric is a flannel I've had for a while.
I was sort of surprised how cute it went with the front.

I still love those cute stars.
So glad I finally used them.

 And since I had all the fabric and even the batting, it cost me nothing!
(Well, nothing at the time. I guess I bought everything once upon a time...)

Anyway, it was a fun one to give away.

My friend was very happy with it.

Turns out the quilt is the same colors as the crib set she just bought.

I'm psychic that way.
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