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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pinewood Derby

As much as I dread the pinewood derby, I am glad that it's a part of my boys childhood. And actually, I'm so adamant that my boys have fun no matter what, they are actually prepped and primed for being the slowest car and never are, so they always have a good time.

 Garrett has been very creative with his car designs.

This one is a Podracer, with a little Anikan Lego guy driving it.

Yes, Dad helps.
He doesn't do it all. But the cutting and hard parts are done by him. 

And Garrett supervises that part. 

And he does a lot of the painting. Mom helped with the details.

Race time.


There were a lot of creative cars! 

The dumb thing that happened is, they had to race it backwards because of the way the track starting point worked. So our whole strategy for weight distribution was thrown off!

But did my kids care. NO! Because they are good kids, who are good sports!
(Just like I've trained them to be, haha.)

Garrett's cars from the last three races.
 Diary of a Wimpy Kid School BusEpic Mickey, and the Podracer.

 Which do you think was the fastest?

The school bus! haha
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