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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Garrett's First Pinewood Derby!

Here we go again! It's Garrett's turn!

We looked on the internet for ideas. You can find soooo many ideas there. But Garrett wasn't really excited about any of them.
He kept wanting to do a school bus, but Mom (who is always worried about everyone FEELINGS) thought he might not like it when he got to the derby and everyone had cooler cars.

I know....MOM, RELAX!
But Garrett's biggest interest right now is not sports cars. It's Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He can draw the the characters as good as the author can!

So a school bus was the perfect thing for him to showcase his interest AND his drawing skills!

 Drawing on wood was super hard. I ended up having to copy all of Garrett's drawings that he'd do on a paper. But I copied exactly what he drew and put where he told me to. So, it's essentially all Garrett's design!

And it wasn't even slow!!!

 Our Cub Master is amazing. There was popcorn and even nachos for the spectators!

 This was a great Derby! Proud of my boy!

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