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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

G & O's room-Stripes!

I painted the youngest boys' room while they were gone for a week visiting their cousins in Idaho. 
They came home to this. It was easier this way. No little boys in the way and no opinions on how to paint it until too late. :)

I don't have any cute bedding to go with the decor. These are just ones we already have. I'd love to have some matching quilts or something. 

 Moving around the room...

 The far wall above Garrett's bed...

Originally I was going to paint the top and bottom both blue, but when I finished the top, the grey (almost a half gallon I had left after painting another room) just seemed like it would look good. So I painted a bit blue and a bit grey, asked Ian and Emily their opinion. It was a unanimous vote for Grey. It does look better I think. 

And a little bit closer... 
I'd love to get a Captain America sign. Mostly because his colors would go really well in the room. It  would be fun to have a lot more superhero signs for this wall. 

And on around to the closet... I left this wall the natural tan color the walls were originally. (That goes for the light stripes, too, as well as the upper part of the wall where the ceiling angles up.) I didn't photograph the ceiling because I'm not finished painting it white yet. Now, will it ever get done is the question.

A little bit closer.... This "TOYS" sign just looked cute here even though this isn't really where the toys go. They're tucked away under the bed and in the closet.

 I used the same red as the stripe to paint their little nightstand I got at the DI (thrift store).

And this is looking out of the room. Ignore the messy bookcase in the hall. 


 Now I just need to find some cute bedding. Or make some? But that would involve money so...these will probably have to do.

The paint was super cheap. I just used Walmart brand for the blue. I already had the red (a $3 clearance color at Lowes) and the grey I already had from painting another room. (It's also from Walmart.)

Stay tuned for Justin's Striped Walls. (Maybe I'd better cool it on the stripes, eh?)


  1. I love the color combination with the grey. The stripe is fabulous! I bet the boys loved it when they came home.

  2. this room looks amazing! super hero heaven! ollie would die.

  3. I've seen it in real life and it looks great! So does Justin's room.

  4. Makes me wonder why I can't get anything done around here and I'm RETIRED! What's with you?