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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Toy Catalog

The Target toy catalog arrived yesterday. It's occupied Garrett and Owen longer than the actual toys pictured in the catalog would if they had them.

They are perusing it, asking me if 14 is a lot, talking about what toy they like best and why one is cool and one is not.

If only I could just get them a bunch of catalogs for Christmas....


  1. Toy catalogs as gifts is a great idea!

  2. That makes me laugh, thinking of sending your kid to someone's birthday party with a gift of toy catalogs!

  3. The JCPenney christmas catalog was always my favorite. Even now when my mom gets it I will look through every page and there are probably 300 pages.

  4. you are funny!! My mom used to give me the JCPenney Christmas catalog and I'd peruse it for HOURS on HOURS over DAYS circling what i wanted. You know, I don't think I ever got anything from it I wanted.

  5. I feel the same. We have started subscribing to the Lego magazines. They come quarterly. For a while there I ordered one in each of the boys names....but that got old. Now we just get one copy and they LOVE it. They also joined the Lego Club for free, so they get there only "magazine" periodically too.

    I was a child catalog lover too......we can all wish can't we????