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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Best Halloween Movie

Daniel introduced this one to me when we were dating. It has become our traditional halloween movie.
Don Knotts is one of his heroes.

It's probably his Karate skills.
"That's right, karate...made my whole body a weapon."
(Early Napoleon Dynamite?)

"Atta Boy, Luther!"

One of MY favorite parts is when the Don Juan that Knotts is, says the most romantical thing to the GIRL. After his flustered speech to the beautiful Alma, he wraps up his awkward compliments with this lovely line.
"Average is darn Lucky to be sittin' here with Above Average." Awwwhhh!

And of course he ends up with the girl in a wedding at the end of the movie.

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  1. This movie is our family's traditional halloween movie, too. Love it!