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Friday, January 20, 2012

2 quilts-same fabric (Shabby Chic)

Here are a couple of quilts I made with the same fabric. 

The first is for my beautiful sister, Cammy.  She was "mine" in the Christmas drawing this year. 

I wanted to make her a quilt that she would like...
That was a dumb thing to say. 
Of course I wanted to make one she'd like. What I meant to say was, when I thought about what she'd like, my first thought was Blue. But also a sort of old fashioned feminine. So I went to the fabric store and brought home all these pretty florals. 

I think it looks sort of Shabby Chic.

I striped the back with a couple of white/brown striped (looks white) fabric panels. It made it a little more interesting, I thought. 
Cammy and her quilt.

She liked it. :) It's only a throw size... But she said that was perfect for the back of the couch or somewhere like that. Phew... :)

And then one of my very best friends had a baby girl. I had so much left over fabric and I thought she'd like one similar so I made another one - baby size.

This time I cut smaller squares and created a more scrappy look, bordered and backed in the blue. 


Mom liked it. :)
 Baby Bree will hopefully notice it someday. haha

I can't decide which I like better. :)
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  1. I LOVE Cammy's quilt! You are such an artist with fabric and color combos. Makes me want to attempt to do the same as I may be redecorating my room to look more shabby chic. Lovely!