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Saturday, October 6, 2012


Teagan and Beau. (My twin Nephews)
Don't ask me which is which. I think Beau is on the Left.
 Doesn't he have the bigger cowlick in the back?

Anyway, here they are wearing Justin's "Bean" Shirts.
Justin used to draw these BEAN characters and they were so cute.

Here's a play dough model of a Punk Rocker Bean. (2008)

And a little Devil Bean (2008)

He doesn't draw them anymore, which makes me sort of sad.

I thought he could market those t-shirts and make money. :)

Anyway, these shirts...

...used to Owen's and Garrett's shirts.

And now they belong to Teagan and Beau.

Or is it Beau and Teagan....?

Oh and below are some other Twinsies we found wandering around the same day I took the above picture.

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