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Monday, May 14, 2012

Tips for Thrift Store Shopping

Ivy's Tips for Thrift Store Shopping
1. Buy it only if you really want it. Just because it's cheap doesn't mean you should get it. You don't want to clutter up your house.
2. Sniff test- musty smells are usually there to stay.
3. Keep a mental list (or actual list) of items you have and are looking for. (ex. If you have a skirt that needs a shirt) Don't buy things you will have trouble matching.
4. Inspect clothing for rips, stains and broken zippers before buying them!
5. Books! There are so many good ones at the thrift stores and for so cheap! HOWEVER......remember - the Library is FREE!!! So only buy books you want to own, unless you don't mind spending and tossing or giving away.
6. Remember you can spray paint anything and it will be cute. Not really, but it seems that way.
7. Know the retail value of things. Not everything at the thrift store is a good deal!!
8. Know the thrift store's sale schedule!
9. Donating and buying from thrift stores supports Good Causes and is a way of Recycling! So you're doing a good deed and having fun!
10. Don't take your friends with you. They will want to buy all the good stuff you find. Just kidding!. Thrifting with a friend is fun!
11. Don't be a snob. So it's used...get over it. You can always wash it. 

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  1. All extremely good advice! You might also add, "Don't take your husband" because he won't follow the rules.