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Friday, February 3, 2012

The Pine Wood Derby

Garrett's first pinewood derby.
I have an aversion to the Pinewood Derby, which I am slowly getting over.
It all started when I was in charge of one as a mere wolf/bear den leader at the age of ...23 or 24. 
The Cub Master really set it all up and did it, but because I was the face "in charge" I got all the blame when the mean lady's kid didn't get to race enough. He cried and cried. 
And it was all my fault because of the way the Cub Master did the eliminations. 
Even though I didn't decide how to do it.
Even though I had no clue how to run a pinewood derby.
And I will never be in charge of a pinewood derby again. 

Okay, so...I don't like people to be unhappy. 
That's a problem for me. 
But I especially hate when kids are disappointed about their cars. 
You have the cars who have been carefully engineered by fathers 
in contrast to the ones obviously made by the boys. 
Then there's the whole race competition. I am not a very competitive person, so I don't really get this part. I guess it IS pretty fun to win.
 I do get that. 
But I don't like the disappointment little boys feel when their car is not the best. 

That's why I always give my boys the pep talk.
First of all, they are always proud of the way their car looks at home when they finish.
So I just make sure they remember that.

"Do you like your car?"
They nod.
"That's because it is so awesome. Even if it ends up being the slowest! Right?"
They nod.
"I want you to just expect that every other boys car is going to be cooler and faster."
They nod.
"Let's just think your car will be the slowest one of all. Everyone else's is super fast."
They nod.
"You are NOT allowed to be disappointed because this is an awesome car."
They nod.

So far, they have been just fine. No tears for any of my boys.

Garrett decided on a school bus for his design.
Even after we showed him hundreds of pictures on google of pinewood derby car designs.
School bus won out every time.

And since he loves "Diary of a Wimpy Kid," I suggested we draw some of the characters in the windows. 
It turned out perfectly! 

It very GARRETT.

And he was proud of it.

And it wasn't the slowest, which is always a bonus. 

We all had fun watching. And I am convinced that we have fun because we go into the race with an attitude that this is all about FUN! 

The popcorn, nachos and cookies served during the races made it even better. 

And the Zinger Derby Cars were a hit. 

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