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Thursday, June 11, 2009


I wanted to bring some color into the kitchen.
I'm too scared to paint the walls so far....not to mention indecisive.
It's too open to the rest of the house.
Anyway, I thought I'd add color on the bar stools. But again, couldn't decide what color.
So I did 4 different ones.
Aren't they cute?
They only look good in this order though. :) No, really. I'm particular about the order. For some reason, this is the order in which they look best. Owen's is the red one. It's closest to his favorite color, pink.

Blue couch, anyone?

I love it!!!

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  1. I like your chairs!!! I don't do much color, either. Too scared.

  2. its way cute!! Leave it to Ivy to come up with something crazy - but have it turn out adorable!!

  3. I really like the colors and I als like the idea of everyone having a permanant spot to sit. I am naming seats tonight, no more fighting over who sits where.