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Friday, December 26, 2008

Fun with Play Dough

Emily got a ton of play dough for Christmas. We spent a good hour or two furnishing and decorating a little play dough livingroom, dining room scene. It was really fun.

I made:
the couch, end tables, lamps, plants, books, phone, fruit bowl, kitchen chairs and dog pillow.
Emily made:
the bowl of popcorn, the girl on the couch and the bookcase.
Ian made:
the blue chair, the kitchen table, the flat screen tv and the coffee table, complete with a granite top.
Justin made:
the dog, dog food and water and dishes, the globe and the rocker boyfriend in the blue chair complete with his own flying v electric guitar.
Our friend, Logan, dropped by and added:
the funny penquin, Orange guy in the corner and worm.
We decide these are the weird, HUGE stuffed animals they won at a carnival. A clean lens would probably be helpful in getting non blurry pictures, eh?

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  1. Holy artistic abilities. That was awesome! And what a fun family activity. Its neat when the get older and make things you can recognize. Can't wait to see the rest of the house.